Why We're Different

“This is not your standard chiropractic, medical, or nutritional approach. We treat YOU as a person, not your diagnosis.” – Dr. David Weinstein

Thousands of people just like you have suffered and felt hopeless. Every person is different and unique. So why do people with the same condition get treated the same way?

Many doctors are trained to treat the condition, not the person. That is what makes our practice different. The vast majority of our patients have already been to multiple doctors, with little or no long-lasting results. Sunrise Chiropractic Wellness Center will be your last stop.

The biggest difference between our practice and others:

1. We take a step back and get a BIG PICTURE OF THE WHOLE PERSON - To achieve great results, we have to be really good detectives in our analysis.
2. We use cutting-edge sciences that examine your body “systems” from a completely different perspective - The problem is that traditional medicine is looking for DISEASE. It is not looking at what happens right before you get the “disease” label.
3. We look at brain and central nervous system function - We examine how well different areas of your brain and brain stem are functioning.
4. We look at your chemistry - With specialized questionnaires and comprehensive lab work, we check your hormones, blood sugar, immune system, and gastrointestinal system, etc. We ask the right questions and piece together the puzzle for you.
5. We strive to restore function - We want to find the mechanism behind your problem. To do that, we have to look at EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE.

Our process starts with the questions - What is the mechanism? Why is this happening?

We look for answers with:

1. A Complete Metabolic and Neurologic Assessment
2. Upper Cervical Brain Stem Chiropractic
3. Comprehensive Lab work (far beyond standard testing)
4. Functional Nutrition

Based on the results we find from our extensive examination, our cutting edge treatment program is what will help you get on the road to feeling better.

We get to the core issues, root out the problem, and restore health.

* results may vary from person to person, and are not guaranteed.